Lazy Girl Guide: Autumn Beauty Must-Haves

As the seasons change, I like to change up my beauty regimen to fit the time of year. I recently purchased some of these products, and some of them I use all year around. Here are some of the products that I use daily fro my fall routine.

IMG_5018.JPG{Clinique: Super Balanced Silk Makeup Foundation in Silky Sahara}

When the weather starts to get colder, my skin likes to react by getting drier and sometimes starts to flake. In order to counteract that and make sure that my face doesn’t look like a croissant throughout the day, I like to use a more natural finish foundation that still have a bit of SPF because skin cancer. I like the formula of this foundation so far, and it gives a sheer but build able coverage. Plus it smells good.

IMG_5019.JPG{LUSH: Sleepy Hand and Body Lotion}

Not only does my face get really dry, my body does too. I decided to pick up this hand and body lotion to give it a try. I AM IN LOVE. It smells and has the colour of lavender. The name isn’t just a way to get people to buy it, it actually makes you sleepy. Lavender has a way of calming and balancing the skin. After I put this on, I like to wear a big sweatband a pair of fuzzy socks and crawl into the sheets with a good book or a new episode of one of my favourite shows. Even though no one can see how ashy my knees and elbows can get during this time of year, I still like to moisturize. I want to be soft.

IMG_5021.JPG{Left to Right: First Aid Beauty – Face Cleanser, Fresh – Soy Face Cleanser, Simple – Light Moisturizer}

As for skin care this season, I like to use the two cleansers above to remove my makeup after coming home and just to wake me up in the morning. The First Aid Beauty cleanser works wonders on taking off makeup. I can wear winged liner and dark lipstick and it still manages to take it all off with one wash. The Fresh cleanser is good at taking off makeup as well, but I prefer to use it in the morning to freshen up my face and help me wake up. The Simple moisturizer doubles as a primer for me. I like to use it before I put on my makeup and before I go to bed. It’s refreshing and very nourishing without feeling greasy.

IMG_5023.JPG{Left to Right: Benefit – Gimme Brow in Medium, Benefit – Roller Lash}

I picked up these two at while I bought the two cleansers but in the mini sizes. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Benefit and I wanted to try them out. The Gimme Brow changed my eyebrow game. I have fairly thin eyebrows so I like to draw them on, but this product gives me just enough colour to fill in the space areas without making it look like a 4 year old went ham on my eyebrows with Crayola. It looks really natural and it makes my makeup routine so much shorter. The Roller Lash is a blessing as well. I don’t have the longest eyelashes and I am always tempted to buy false lashes. However, this gives my eyelashes length and volume. I prefer not to have clumpy lashes, and this gives me everything I want in mascara. I will definitely be purchasing the full sizes of these products when I run out of the minis.

IMG_5024.JPG{Left to Right: NYX Liqued Suede – Cherry Skies, MAC – Whirl, Smith’s Rosebud Salve, Colourpop – Love Bug}

I’m not so adventurous when it comes to lip colours. The most I go is a dark wine colour, which means that fall lip colours are right up my alley. NYX lipsticks are super affordable and the formula is amazing. Cherry Skies, a deep red wine, is for when you want to rock vampy look and I can wear it a whole day without needing to reapply. MAC lipsticks range in all sorts of colours and it gets a little confusing when I walk in there because there’s so many different shades. Whirl, a dirty rose, is amazing when you just want a “my lips but better” shade. For bronze/brown eyeshadows and neutral makeup looks, this is my go to lipstick, plus MAC lipsticks smell like vanilla. Smith’s Rosebud Salve is super hydrating and a nice way to give your natural “no makeup” makeup look a cute shine. I also like to put it over the other matte lipsticks in this picture to give it a bit of lustre and more of a subtle look. Colourpop lipsticks have been blowing up my Instagram feed for a while now so I wanted to see why people were so in love with it. I decided to go for Love Bug, a rich terracotta, is the perfect fall lip colour. The thing I like about Colourpop is it gives you swatches on different skin tones, so that you can have an idea to how it will suit your skin tone.

img_5025-copy{Swatches left to right: MAC – Whirl, Colourpop – Love Bug, NYX – Cherry Skies}

After revamping my whole beauty regimen I’m super excited to continue creating new fall looks to match the cooler weather. I should probably fix my shopping problem but that can wait for later. I hope you enjoyed the post! What are some of your fall favourite beauty products?

– Danielle.



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