Style Potato: Comfy Sweaters ❄️

As a new college student, getting up and getting dressed everyday is a little harder when you can’t seem to see which colour is which at 5 am to get ready for your 8 am class. I know this is probably just a case of extreme laziness, but I’m a potato. I’ve been trying to dress appropriately according to the weather cause I’ve been trying to get over a cold recently.

As we all can probably feel that winter is getting colder and colder which means sweaters! I probably have too many sweaters but I’m always tempted to buy more. It’s a very bad temptation, so I’ve recently been thinking of new ways to style my sweaters that I have already. I’ve come up with three different ways to style them 🙂


{Black Knit Jumper – H&M, Blue Distressed Jeans – EXPRESS}


First off, the basic sweater and distressed jeans. It’s not rocket science, but to me it is. I really like this look paired with a messy bun and some converse.


{Beige Sweater Dress – OAK + FORT, Black Shiny Tights – Garage, Black Lace Bralette – aerie}

Second, it’s a cute little sweater dress with pockets! I love pockets so much, it makes things so much easier. It is quiet cold so I like to pair this with shiny black leggings and booties. Another really good thing about sweaters is that you can wear a bralette with them and be super duper comfortable.


{Fuzzy Baby Blue Sweater – Garage, White Collar Shirt – Forever 21, High Waist Black Skinnies – TOPSHOP}


This is probably my favourite look out of the three, I just don’t wear it all the time because I don’t have time. I like the soft pastel colour, and this sweater is actually super fuzzy, and the white collar underneath. Paired with black jeans and sneakers, or booties.


That’s probably as much style as I can muster up. I’m sorry that I don’t have a longer post, I’m just tied up with school and getting over my sickness. I hope you guys liked it! What are some of your favourite sweater styles?



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