Tea Talks: Puberty Hit Me Softly 🍵

The insecurities of every human being is unique. As well as the set of qualities in every individual that let people love and care about that person. These two sets of things are always the same. We tend to see ourselves in a negative light, but others see good in our flaws. That’s why they stick around. However, it baffles me that so many little girls are becoming more self conscious about their weight, height, hair, face, looks, and so on.

Puberty is bad enough, because people are changing around you and you’re still the same or you’re changing and you don’t know what’s happening. Whatever the case may be, it’s normal. Do not feel out of place because people are changing, change is the only constant thing in life. You shouldn’t be looking up how many calories the salad you ordered is, you should just eat. Eat what you want, do what you want. You haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg, not even a quarter or even an sixth of your life has gone by. And you’re worried about a number? Numbers don’t lie, but numbers do not define who you are. The number on the scale does not define your beauty, the number on that test or report card does not define your intelligence, the number of your age does not define how mature you are suppose to be.


Growing is always going to happen, and you should not be in any rush to grow up. My mom still has to make my dentist appointments, and my dad still ties my shoes sometimes. This is coming from someone who is legally an adult. Do not feel the need to be anything but yourself. Even if you don’t know who that is yet. You won’t magically know who you are in the span of a week, you have one life to figure that out. Time will tell, experiences, places, and people told and shape us into who we are. Humans are in a constant state of growth, whether you’re 8 or 81, you are still growing.


Do not feel the need to be “pretty”, you are not obligated to be that way for anyone but yourself. You need to feel pretty and install this thought into your mind that you are. Pretty people are everywhere and everywhere includes you. Discover who you are as life goes by, and just do what you want. Our insecurities will always be with us, and these change over time. What you should do rather than being so aware of them is to learn to love them. Start early, start now, start right where you are. Loving yourself is a very important thing to learn, especially since we are pressured by the media. But the media is made up of humans too, celebrities are human, that pretty person on tumblr, instagram, twitter, everyone is human. Everyone is beautiful. You just have to realize that you are and accept that. Do you, find you, and just don’t sweat about the preposterous notion that you have to be a certain way to be loved.


I hope you guys don’t mind me just vomiting all these words onto you. I’ve just been thinking about this for a very long time and finally was able to put my feelings into words. I apologize that it may not be as articulate as some poems, but I tried to keep it as raw as possible.

Seek happiness friends.



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Hello! I'm Dani(elle), the reason for brackets is because you can call me by my first name or my nickname, Dani or Danielle. This is my little corner of the internet and I just babble on and on about anything. I love cafes, coffee, books and all things cozy. I'm very bad at describing myself, but enjoy your stay!

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