Tea Talks: Valentine’s Day Broke My Heart 💔🥀

Whoever invented Valentine’s Day is a giant prick. I among a few people connected to all these posts about superficial love feel like barfing every time we come across it. Or is that just me ?

I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that people want to choose this random day and put so much unnecessary attention to it. Why do we need a specific to day to celebrate the people we love. It’s not all kinds of love this day celebrates, it’s ONLY romantic love, cause having friends and family who love you is not enough.

Maybe I just sound like a bitter, bruised girl who got her heartbroken, well I am. Every time  I try to explain pleasantly why I find this day irrelevant, people just retort with “Oh you’re just single.” Yes I’m single and I don’t need to be in a relationship to know that people love me. There’s an enormous number of people who don’t believe that they are good enough because they’re single. Why should you feel that way because of a random day of the year that someone just so happened to dub the day of love?

What people fail to realize in the midst of the chocolate and Netflix, is that romantic love is not enough for you to feel that warm feeling inside your soul. There’s different types of love, love from friends, family, and believe it or not, yourself.

I wouldn’t mind celebrating love today, I would actually enjoy that, if it was more than just romance. However, the fact that whether or not someone is getting you flowers today just depicts how lovable you are??? That’s nonsense and honestly, quite sad.

We should not crave another person’s attention in order to validate how lovable we are. We should not feel less of a person if we see people posting on Instagram what their partner got them for Valentine’s Day. And people should not, by any means, feel bad about being single. And others should not feel bad about being in a relationship. Whatever brings people happiness is beautiful. And you deserve happiness too.

So whether you’re drowning in tubs of ice cream or dozens of roses, (or whatever your favourite flower is) please remember that you are strong, you are kind, and you are a wonderful person. Whether you absolutely are head over heels for this holiday, feel nothing, feel sad (you shouldn’t though, you’re awesome) or are extremely bitter about it like me, don’t forget that it’s only a day. And we should feel beautiful, intelligent and worthy of all the love the world has to offer for you, EVERYDAY. Don’t just appreciate all the cool cats you have in your life for today, do it everyday! This is your sign to get off your butt, text your mom, and tell everyone who puts up with you and all your beautiful quirks that you love them and miss them.

You are deeply, truly, and unconditionally loved by the people who make you smile and make your heart flutter. And if you’re in the midst of binge-a-thon of whatever suits your fancy OR a cute little dinner date, don’t forget that you are enough, for your friends, your family, your future someone (or if you already have a someone, them too), and yourself.

So from one stranger on the internet to another. Happy Tuesday!




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Hello! I'm Dani(elle), the reason for brackets is because you can call me by my first name or my nickname, Dani or Danielle. This is my little corner of the internet and I just babble on and on about anything. I love cafes, coffee, books and all things cozy. I'm very bad at describing myself, but enjoy your stay!

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