Adventure Log: Day Date With My Best Friend

It was a really stressful couple of weeks, so I decided to spend a morning/afternoon with my best friend. Her and I love food so we went out to different places and had our own little food adventure.

Our first stop was a place called, “CaliiLove”. My best friend, Liz, had been dying to go there ever since she fell in love with it on Instagram. She sent me posts and it peeked my interest too since it looked healthy yet delicious. The place was like stepping into a beachside food joint, really calming and colourful. The food represented it too. The interesting thing about this place was the menu, you order things according to how you feel, and as you can see I was feeling loved. Each emotion had a description of what the plate was going to have. They also served coffee which is good for two girls that have a serious caffeine addiction. This place also offers coconut milk and almond milk for the vegans, the staff knows a lot about the food items so that everyone can enjoy . I’m excited to visit this place again in the summer time.

Their motto is “good vibes only” which is exactly how you feel stepping in, sitting down and eating and also as you leave. It was a great start to the day.

After that we walked around for a bit along Queen Street since that’s our thing. I haven’t seen my best friend in a long time so it was nice to just catch up with her. Yes we text and communicate over social media, but nothing beats actually seeing her and hugging her and giggling with her. She also surprised me big time by dying her hair.

It was a surprise but it suited her a lot. She’s really bubbly and sweet and extremely colourful. The exact opposite of me actually, I don’t know how we work but we do and that’s all that matters.

Another “tradition” of ours is to take a photo booth picture at Urban Outfitters since that is our favourite store to visit together. Our old one needed an update since we both like doing crazy things to our hair, whether that be cutting it drastically short or dying it fun colours.

I eventually got hungry after all the walking we did and I really wanted some ramen. So we made a stop by “Touhenboku Ramen” since it was on our way to the station. It was a good way to warm up since the day was a little chilly.

With our bellies stuffed and my midterm needing to be written, we parted ways after we got ramen. In total I only spend a few hours with Liz, but every minute is really happy when you spend it with someone who you can be silly and yourself with. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, even if you’re stressed and you feel so many emotions and start panicking, there are still people who care about you and you should take a break to go see them. Surround yourself with people who are kind, who are funny without ever being mean, and who make you smile and remind you that you are loved. So even for a few hours, give them a call, FaceTime them or invite them out for coffee. Just remind yourself that your grades do not define how wonderful you are. Just breathe. You got this.

– Danielle



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Hello! I'm Dani(elle), the reason for brackets is because you can call me by my first name or my nickname, Dani or Danielle. This is my little corner of the internet and I just babble on and on about anything. I love cafes, coffee, books and all things cozy. I'm very bad at describing myself, but enjoy your stay!

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