Tea Talks: My Friends Make Me Nervous

Have you ever felt the need to dress up when you’re going to meet your friends? Have you ever felt nervous meeting your friend but you shouldn’t because they’re, well, you’re friend? This might be just my own mind overthinking things, but I can’t help but feel that way. I know I shouldn’t but that doesn’t stop the sweaty palms and queasy stomach.

Friends are people that you share things with, not everything though. However, why is it that some friends make me feel more nervous than others? Why do we feel as though that these friends should not see certain parts of us?

The answer is simply because you get along differently. Every person is different from the other, therefore you might show a certain side of yourself to your friends. You have a different relationship with each friend you have, you discover and explore a certain side of you whenever you are with people.

With that said, there should not be a feeling of bad nervousness when seeing someone. It’s okay to be nervous, that’s natural but to feel bad towards someone that you are spending time with, that is suppose to make you feel happy with their company, is wrong.

I can write an essay on what a friend should be, but to put it simply, friends make you feel all sorts of emotions, they support, care and love you for who you are. And if certain “friends” make you feel that who you are is somehow not good enough to be around them then I do not think that they should be your friends. You should not try to impress friends, they are your friends, they should not care about what clothes you wear or what brand your things are. They should care about your well being, your interests, your love life, your new hobby, your state of mind, you.

Friendships start out of nowhere and they grow with each individual, if you decide to let them. Friendships are composed of natural conversations, a genuine interest in another person and their well-being, doing things for no reason, doing things for a million reasons, laughter, sadness, and perhaps just a little bit of madness.

Friends are there to make you feel a little less alone and a lot more loved. They should be able to make you happier than you already and ultimately, discover yourself a little bit more.

Friends are these human beans that you decide to grab coffee with, to shop with, to spend time with and they make you laugh, cry and everything in between. They make you a better friend, a better person, a better you. If they don’t then that’s not a friend, that’s a stranger who knows your name, social media handles and occasionally likes your posts. That’s a mediocre relationship, and life’s too short to keep mediocre people around someone as amazing and wonderful as you. You let them in, they did some damage, let it hurt. Now let them go.


Just had these thoughts stirring in my head for the past few days, I hope it peeks your interest. I’m happy and grateful for every friend I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and having in my life. Some of them are still with me, and some are not. That’s just the way life works.

– Dani


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Hello! I'm Dani(elle), the reason for brackets is because you can call me by my first name or my nickname, Dani or Danielle. This is my little corner of the internet and I just babble on and on about anything. I love cafes, coffee, books and all things cozy. I'm very bad at describing myself, but enjoy your stay!

One thought on “Tea Talks: My Friends Make Me Nervous”

  1. Yes, this! I find that I get nervous before social situations in general, but especially with friends. Generally not to the degree where it’s anxiety, just a little uneasiness that comes with seeing people. But not the bad nervousness.

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